With Eroticon2013 slightly over a month away, the speaker schedule has been updated and I’m now starting to figure out who I want to see, and who I want to catch on the sidelines for one on one chats. Here’s my rundown on who I plan on checking out during Eroticon 2013, and what I’ll be sorry to miss out!

Saturday’s Session Picks

Eroticon2013 Ruby GoodnightSession 1 – Myth busting: The Submissive Woman with Molly Moore

I’m lucky enough to call Molly one of my friends, and it was at Eroticon 2012 that we met for the first time. Somehow, though, I managed to miss all of her speaking engagement last year. This workshop appeals to me as I do the majority of my writing in the BDSM niche, and while I have a good chunk of my own submissive experiences behind me, it’s always good to see if my writing has been tainted by false stereotypes, over generalization and plain old incorrect information.

Session 2 – This one I’ll probably either decide on the day, or use the time to network with others. Both workshops currently listed really don’t fit in with my line of work, but still look interesting.

Session 3 – Creative Writing 2 with Remittance Girl

While I’ve only met Remittance Girl in passing and never been able to have a serious chit chat about our craft, this girl knows her shit. I’m hoping to spark a few ideas in my head to bring back to my own commercial writing, as creativity sometimes gets lost with all the attention on SEO and sales language.

Session 4 – Writing for the Adult Industry with Ruby Goodnight

Well, I think it’s pretty obvious that I’ll be at this one! Hope to see you there as well.

Session 5 – Creative Writing 3 – Short n’ Tweet: A Philosophy of Writing Sex on Twitter with Vena Ramphal

So much of my affiliate work (both my own, and the affiliates I write for) involves Twitter. I’m hoping to get out of this workshop a way to entice my affiliate account followers to both communicate with me more, as well as want to click through to the web sites. In a world of paid-for-inflated follower accounts and auto-tweeting taking up 90% of the timelines, this is one I’m deffo looking forward to.

Sunday’s Session Picks

Session 1 – Polyamory 101 with Lori Smith and Amanda Jones

One of the niches that I get asked to write about more often lately are polyamorous relationships, especially from swinging dating sites. (One could argue that swinging and polyamory are two very different animals, and this is one thing I hope they explore in this workshop.)

Session 2 – Top Ten Tips for Writing A Sex Blog with Molly Moore

Another great workshop from Molly. As I start to develop my own affiliate websites targeting women, I find my writing delving into the “sex blog” style more often than not. I’m always looking for ways to get more traffic to my blogs as well!

Session 3 – Sex Education 2 with Meg Barker and Justin Hancock

Who doesn’t want to brush up on their sex education? I dare say watching hours of porn a day may have warped my sexual mind a tad. While there isn’t a description of this panel up yet, I’m sure that it’ll be something I can sink my teeth into.

Session 4 – Blogging for Sex Work with Violet Rose, Madam Becky and Ruby Goodnight

While I didn’t plan on being part of this panel when signing up to Eroticon2013, I was asked by the lovely Ruby Kiddell to take part. Looking forward to talking about sex workers on the net!

Session 5 – Sex and the Media with Zoe Margolis and Nichi Hodgsonq

Last year I caught a bit of Zoe speaking about the media and sex, and I was really upset I missed her main workshop earlier in the day. This year I’m not going to do anything to miss it and hope it will be as discussion provoking as last year’s was.



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