I had an amazing time at Eroticon this weekend. It’s given me a much needed battery recharge and reaffirmed that what I do is valid, appreciated, and profitable. Rather than go into a long journaling session, I thought I’d list a few thoughts I had about my experiences at this erotica writer’s conference.

Erotica publishers really dislike “obvious” pen names. (Whoops!)

I have less of a desire now to be published via traditional “publishing house” methods than I did prior to the event. Self publishing is the way forward for me.

Insanely successful bloggers sometimes don’t quite realize how insanely successful they are.

There is a gap between erotica writers and sex bloggers and their views of each other. Maybe one sees the other as less “professional”, maybe it’s a confidence thing – I’m not quite sure.

A Rock Box is just as scary as it looks.

I’m also still a bit on the fence as to where I fit in this world of sex writing, since my main writing outlet is more pornography than ebooks and blogs. Thankfully I found folks who didn’t really care that I write the stereotypical smut for a living.

I really love wearing corsets.

I miss being part of a fetish community on a regular basis, more so than I thought I did.

Writing for porn sites has shifted my writing style from “show” to “tell”. Must work on a better balance.

Some erotica professionals view sex workers as a negative profession. Which is a bit ironic…

I need to work on my Alexa ranking.

There are erotica writers out there that write in the BDSM niche without ever seeing or taking part in those activities. A few of them aren’t able to even watch a session. I guess I was a bit naive about that whole thing.

I need to start saving for Eroticon 2013. Nice hotel room, first class train tickets, and a pair of shoes that won’t give me blisters. Oh, and a new corset, of course.

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