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In the last few years, the sex toy adult market has grown substantially on the internet. Separating yourself from the crowd with bespoke web content related to your products is a non-spammy way to drive traffic to your website. This unique content will not only appease the ‘SEO’ gods, it’ll also help get eyeballs on your products without seeming spammy. This piece on the basic differences between strap on harness styles was made for the website

Diving into the world of strapon harnesses for the first time? The sheer number of varieties available for those who are looking into this style of play can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Between figuring out which kind of harness works best for you, picking out the right dildo, and sorting out any lubrication, it can be a bit tricky! Getting the basics down is key – so here is a brief overview of various styles of strapon harnesses for your next experience.

One-Piece Strapon Harnesses – These are where most beginners turn to, as they tend to be the least expensive and least complicated. A single dildo is permanently attached to a harness that can be either slipped on and off like underwear, or strapped onto your body like a belt. While the cost is low and they are easy to use, you’re sacrificing any options for variety as you’d find with more complex systems that have interchanging dildos. You want to be very certain that both the style of dildo and the harness type fits your needs.

O-ring Based Sets – The most popular style of strapon harness are those that have an o-ring attached to the front of the harness where you can slip in your favorite dildo. This style opens you up to many more options as far as dildos go, as long as the dildo itself can fit into your o-ring and has a flared bottom. Less expensive o-ring based harnesses have singular fixed rings, while others allow you to take out the ring and replace it with others of varying size. Look for o-ring harnesses that have snaps on the side of the ring, rather than sewn-in rings as they are the most simple to change out.

Modular Strap On Harness Sets – There are an increasing number of sex toy manufacturers making their own ‘system’s that can have interchangeable harnesses, dildos, and other toys for penetration pleasure. The most popular of these is the Vac-U-Lock system by Doc Johnson. In these mini “strapon worlds”, you are limited to whatever items are in that particular collection, so you want to be sure that they cover the styles and variety that you are looking for. They also tend to be higher in price, as the manufacturers know you will need to return to their brand for any new toys.

Strapless Strapons – Breaking away from the typical harness and dildo setup, strapless strapon are named that because rather than an external setup, the female who is donning the dildo actually holds it inside her body. Strapless strapons have a penetrating dildo at one end, and a bulb or hook like appendage the other that the woman inserts into her vagina and holds in place with her PC muscles. Many ladies like this style of strapon as it also delivers pleasurable sensations to them, as well as the lover. Using them does take some getting used it, and can sometimes be a bit awkward for ladies who don’t have particularly strong pelvic floor muscles.

Dating Site Web Content

Dating sites are one of the hardest to rank due to so much duplicate content all over the internet – especially if you are using out of the box whitelabels. Luckily, some dating site sponsors allow you to add written content to the site itself. Others may be better off creating blogs that help drive traffic to their specific site. This is a post I created for the lesbian dating site Sapphic Dating as part of their overall promotional program.

Your profile on your favorite lesbian dating website is your first impression. It’s what makes ladies decide if you’re the type of person they want to get in touch with. That’s why it’s so important to get it right the first time around. Make mistakes, and you could be wasting valuable time wading through contact requests from women you’d rather not meet. So how do you make sure that your online dating profile is the best it can be? What can you do to attract the ‘right kind’ of lesbians online? Here are five tips to getting that lesbian dating profile right!

Find A Lesbian Wife OnlinePick a unique screenname that gives a glimpse into who you are. While names like “JuicyGrrl69” or “HornyBoiAries” may look unique – you’d be surprised at how many ladies pick rather sexualized names when all they are looking for is someone to talk to. Be sure that your dating site screenname not only reflect someone about you, but doesn’t give the wrong impression. “DildoSlut” would be a great name for a bottom looking for a no strings attached relationship. “GardeningMom12” shows that sex isn’t the most important factor in picking a potential partner. It’s not that one is ‘bad’ and the other ‘good’ – they just need to reflect what you’re searching for. Also resist putting any part of your real name as your dating screen name, as this can be used to locate you when you’d rather not be.

Post a flattering photo. Your profile picture doesn’t necessarily need to be one of your face, but at the very least be sure it’s a recent image of yourself. While we all know that there are more things to a great partner than looks, seeing an image of your potential lover on a lesbian dating site then meeting someone who looks quite different can be a bit nerve wracking! But, if it is, be sure that you only use that image on that site. Using Google Images, you can backwards-search an image. This means that if you are using the same picture on your Facebook profile, with your real name, someone can search for your dating site image and come up with your Facebook page. Just be careful!

Find Lesbian Love OnlineKnow what you are looking for. Why have you joined a lesbian dating site? Are you searching for a new long term partner? Other lesbians just to hang out with? A no-strings-attached lesbian relationship? Also keep in mind the type of woman you’re looking for. Use basic terms to describe yourself that would be searchable for others looking for your type.

Lay out your “must have”s, your “it would be nice if”s and your “should not” list right from the start. Start as you mean to go. In the case of dating sites for lesbians, this means lay it all out with what type of person you’re looking for. If your possible lesbian love must be a butch, like reading, and is a vegetarian non-smoker, be sure to put this in your profile. While the amount of people contacting you overall may be reduced, you’ll have more of the type of person you DO want contacting you.

Be positive, but honest. Flatter yourself in an honest but meaningful way. If you are on the older site, use term like “mature” and “experienced”. “Curvy” and “BBW” are often terms searched out by those looking for plus sized ladies. Avoid the put downs – even if meant in a joking manner. We don’t mean just when it comes to describing yourself, either. Keep away from the sarcastic style remarks like “Losers need not apply” in your lesbian dating site profile.

We also suggest that once you’ve written your lesbian dating site profile, you hold off a day before posting it. Let it sit in your word document overnight, then come back to it the next morning for a few tweaks. This will help you pick up spelling and grammar errors more easily, as you won’t be reading what you “think” you wrote, but what you actually did right. Once you’re happy with that profile, get it uploaded and get ready for your first contacts to come through. Good luck!

Sapphic Dating Lesbian Dating Site

rubylipsAfter years of writing exclusive adult content for clients, I’ve become aware of a need for lower priced, non-exclusive adult content. Using pieces that I was going to put into an anthology (before Amazon banished their adult content to the unsearchable realm), I’m now offering up twelve different short stories to purchase on a non-exclusive basis. In exchange for an extreme discount on my normal adult written content rates, you give up the copyright associated with exclusive content.

But Ruby…what is non-exclusive content good for with the possible SEO penalty for duplicate content? 

Obviously, this type of material isn’t for everyone. It’s really for a select group – those who are looking to offer paysite customers something more in the member’s area, private web forums, phone sex scripts, and for the grey and black hat world – a base for spun content. Sure, you can put this up on your open-to-Google blog, but you’re the one dealing with the possible penalties.

The pieces you’ll find on are a mix of mainstream and fetish, lesbian and hetero, romantic and hardcore. I’ll be adding to the selection frequently, so be sure to bookmark the page for the latest updates. You can purchase pieces separately, or you can buy one of three bundles to save even more. If you don’t find something that you like, you can always get in touch with me and we can discuss creating non-exclusive content for your site based on your needs.

Ruby Goodnight Speaking At Eroticon 2013

Eroticon 2013 erotic writer conferenceI’m proud to finally be able to let my blog readers know that I will be speaking at Eroticon 2013!

From the bio that’s been published on the site, you can probably get the jist of what I’ll be speaking about. Right now, the initial plan is for me to discuss the more commercial aspects of adult writing – working with porn sites, sex toy retailers, as well as ghostwriting.

A lot of the focus at Eroticon is for novelist and bloggers who earn an income through royalties and ad revenue. I’ve often had these writers get in touch with me ‘on the hush’ to find ways of breaking into the commercial field of writing, and what that entails. It seems that sometimes, writing for money (rather than the pure enjoyment of the craft) is a tad taboo. I’m hoping to be able to push that aside for a moment or two, and give those who are interested the means to get their foot in the door when it comes to commercial adult writing.

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