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Straight FemDom Erotica

This straight FemDom erotica piece is part of a series created involving a dominatrix training submissives. Lucy, a mature milf FemDom is known for her abilities to turn potential submissives into doting sexual slaves.

Lucy was what many men refer to as a ‘cougar’ – a bit on the older side, but with the body of a twenty something and a sexual appetite to match. She had gained confidence in her years, and if she saw something (or someone) she wanted, she went after it. She didn’t mind the guys who played hard to get, but she much preferred those that fell to their knees, begging her to give them the time of day. Lucy was a different brand of cougar – she was a dominatrix with a thing for younger submissive men. She didn’t want a boy toy, she wanted a slave.

She had many of them in her years, ones that come to her as untrained puppies who think they are in for a bit of kink, and leave her well disciplined men that any woman would be lucky to have. The ironic thing was, as she grew older in years, the men who came to her for training seemed to get younger and younger. She’s even had to turn away a few over-eager seventeen year olds in her day, telling them to return when they’re of consenting age.

Recently, she had found herself without any submissives to play with. Her latest ‘boy’ had left her care after months of training, and she was now on the market to take in a new trainee. She had a number of men to choose from, as she had a waiting list that read like a phone book. She decided that she would pick her top three, and have a mini-session with each of them, to determine who was worthy of her tutelage. There was Mark, a 22 year old recent college grad who was trying to make his name on the banking scene, Tyson, a 19 year old college freshmen football player, and Brian, a 27 year old truck driver. Each had requested to come under Lucy’s care, and each patiently waited for her next opening. Lucy sent an email to all three to schedule a weekend where they would come to her home and prove themselves as a submissive that she would be willing to spend her time training.

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FemDom Dominatrix Blog

FemDom dominatrix blog postsFor a few months now, I have been writing a FemDom /  dominatrix blog for a third party. While I consider myself a submissive, I do have Switch tenancies, which come out when I write for this blog. The blog in itself is about a fictional dominatrix named Davina, her husband and sub who she calls ‘puppy’, and her new submissive who she is training named ‘kitten’. The webmasters want it quite stereotypical, which draws in the vanilla surfers that are their main target. While the majority of the blog is ‘scene’ replays, there are a few times where I get on my D/s soapbox.


Keep going…I want more…

I’m excited to announce that I am in the final stages of my latest erotica ebook, “The Breaking of Bridgette”.

FemDom Arianna had been living quite happily with her dutiful slave Marcus for a few months, but after meeting the young and naive Bridgette at a local S&M themed night club, she couldn’t resist the thought of taking her home and making her part of the ‘family’. Follow Mistress Arianna through her pursuit, seduction, training, and eventual breaking of Bridgette in the latest erotica by fetish author Ruby Goodnight. 

This story has been living in my head for some time now, and I’ve finally decided to get the pen moving. I’m hoping to get this up to Kindle in the next few days, after my amazing designer Miguel comes back with the artwork. Keep your eyes on this spot for the Amazon link!

Excerpt from Snow White and the Seven Fetishes

Ruby Goodnight Erotica eBook“She’s ready”, announced Slick.

Tech came forward with something Snow White had never seen before. It was a motorized fucking machine with a massive black dildo on the end. He had maneuvered it to the side of the bed. Slick instructed Snow White to move her body so she was on her hands and knees, with her pussy lined up with the end of the dildo. Snow White did as instructed, and soon enough the thick dildo was inside her lubed pussy. She moaned with each mechanical pound, and struggled to keep herself on her knees. Her orgasms continued as the two gentlemen changed their positions.

Slick had moved around, and was standing on the bed over Snow White’s behind. He took a new condom out of the wrapper and rolled it down his massive cock. He slowly pushed his dick into Snow White’s virgin asshole, and moaned out loud at the pleasure caused by her tight hole. Snow White whimpered, but the oils made the ass fucking less painful and even quite pleasurable. She was now being double-penetrated – with her ass full of Slick’s dick and her pussy being fucked by the automatic phallus. Her head was cum drunk, and she could barely believe what was going on.  Buy the eBook at Amazon tonight! 


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