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Sex toy web sites have seen a huge increase in sales over the last year, and sex toy reviews are in high demand. As a result, shops are expanding their selections of products. Many choose to outsource their product descriptions, blog posts, and toy testing. I’ve been working with sex toy retailers – including one of the largest sites in the United States, as well as smaller startups – to help them create attractive, keyword friendly product descriptions for their web sites.

I’ve also started doing product reviews, both paid, and free in return for the product I am reviewing. Please see below to links to my work within the field of sex toys, corsets, and lingerie.


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Snow White and the Seven Fetishes by Ruby Goodnight

Ruby Goodnight Erotica eBookSnow White and the Seven Fetishes is my first foray into writing ebooks under my own pen name. While I have created numerous fetish erotica stories for a number of employers, it took a bit of convincing for me to start it under my own pen name, Ruby Goodnight.

Unlike the fairy tale that we are all familiar with, Snow White and the Seven fetishes takes a bit of a twist. Rather than our heroine taking shelter in a house filled with dwarves, she seeks shelter at a brothel, run by seven men with seven very different fetishes. Snow White comes to learn how to please them all in their own very unique ways, both as a dutiful submissive and a controlling dominatrix. I love the mix of roles that Snow White takes, and the exploration of both her subby and FemDom sides.

It’s a very quick read, less than 5000 words, and priced accordingly. During St. Valentine’s Day, I listed this fetish erotica for free on Amazon, and it was downloaded more than 850 times between the US, UK and German versions of Amazon. I made a couple of posts about the process as it was going on, which you can read here and here.

You can read your own excerpt from Snow White and the Seven Fetishes on Amazon, as well as read the comments from readers who have downloaded this erotica ebook.

Erotica eBooks

The erotica ebook market is on fire at the moment, with internet entrepreneurs taking advantage of the surge in Kindle sales. I specialize in writing fetish erotica, and have written a number of best-selling erotica ebooks on Amazon. After ghost writing for a number of employers, I have also started publishing under my own pen name. Click below to see the details of the erotica ebooks that I have written recently.


Snow White and the Seven Fetishes, by Ruby Goodnight

Coming soon – The Breaking of Bridgette, by Ruby Goodnight

Ghostwritten Kindle Erotica eBooks

Officially, Snow White and the Seven Fetishes was available for free download on Amazon for 48 hours. It’s still listing as free in it’s 49th hour, but I wanted to put up a post giving the results for those in the self-publishing community that read this blog.

In all honestly, I didn’t do a great deal of promotion around the whole event. I tweeted regularly, which was re-tweeted by some lovely followers, I posted on the Kindle Boards thread that I used to discuss the book, and mentioned it on my facebook page. I didn’t take advantage of the numerous other ways I could have promoted the book, but my thought process was to save those for closer to the time when I release The Breaking of Bridgette.

Right – so results. At the end of the 48 hours…here are the numbers!

Keep going…I want more…

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