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Free Sex Toys For Reviewers From EroticToyTown

Free Sex Toys from Erotic Toy TownAre you a sex blogger who is looking for some free sex toys? Maybe you have a sex toy review site and are looking for a few new toys to try? One of the companies that I work with, Erotic Toy Town, are currently looking for a select number of testers to write about their products on their own web site. This is a great opportunity for US-based sex toy reviewers who are looking to build up their web site, as well as established bloggers who are eager to get their hands on free sex toys.

So how does it work? Well, firstly, you should get in touch with me though my Erotic Toy Town email address – Ruby [at] In that email, let me know you are interested in getting you hands on some free sex toys in exchange for a review. I’ll also need a URL for your web site so I can make sure it meets the standards that Erotic Toy Town are looking for.

Once I’ve given your site a once over, I’ll ask for a few additional details, including which toy out of the Sex Toys for Sex Bloggers section you would like to review. If nothing there tickles your fancy, let me know which toy off the site you would like to review. Depending on availability, as well as a few other factors, we may be able to come to an arrangement!

This is also a great chance for those who have a steady following and like to host sex toy giveaways, or as prizes for contests you hold on your site. We’ve even had a few cam stars get in touch to have our toys featured in their live cam shows. Send me an email with your ideas, and we can see what free sex toys from Erotic Toy Town can do for you!

My Fifty Shades of Grey Confession

50 Shades of Grey eCard

Fifty Shades of Grey – not a single book has divided the erotica and BDSM community more in the last fifty years as this one. Yes, I have read it – more than once. Do I think it’s ‘bad’ for the erotica and bondage lifestyle? In a way, yes. Did I enjoy reading it? Kind of. Am I riding out the insane popularity of this set of novels like the cash cow rodeo that it is? OF COURSE I AM!

I’m not joking in the slightest when I say that every single employer I have worked with in the last three months wants pieces relating to the 50 Shades novels. People who I have contracted with in the past who have NO connection to BDSM are trying to find ways to get the traffic from the Fifty Shades phenomenon. I’ve even bought into the hype and dabbled with my own possible way to cash in (outside of my writing, of course).

Fifty Shades Sucks

Credit to @HypnoPeter on Twitter for this image!


In the last 90 days, I have:

  • Rewritten Fifty Shades of Grey scenes in order to make them more ‘hardcore’ and ‘lifestyle friendly’ for BDSM porn sites, as a guide for their movies
  • Added Fifty Shades themed keywords to existing sex toy descriptions to hook into the Google traffic
  • Created shopping lists and how-to guides for sex toy web sites trying to get the attention of new shoppers
  • Designed and ghostblogged an entire new website from the point of view of a ‘first time reader’ for another sex toy shop (with posts pointing them in the direction of their store)
  • Ghostwritten two fan-fic style erotica novels using the 50 Shades characters to be sold on Amazon
  • Started my own affiliate web site for a major bondage furniture web site using a Fifty Shades theme

I kinda feel like a bit of a whore about this whole thing. Fifty Shades is this awfully written book that is spreading misconceptions about the bondage and dominance community, yet I’m playing it out for every single penny it can give me.

Sex Toy Reviews

Are you a sex toy web site that is looking to have your products reviewed? Looking for a reviewer that can write with SEO in mind than your standard sex toy blogger? Want honest reviews that will attract more sales? If you’ve got a product that you want to promote, getting it reviewed by sex toy reviewers like me can help push those sales.

You will always receive an honest and accurate review based on my experienced with the toy. I will consider reviewing your item if you provide a free, non-returnable sample of the product.

Please be advised that I am located in the United Kingdom, but I do travel to the US several times a year and can receive discreetly shipped toys while in the States. While I do have specific styles of toys that I prefer, I am open to review any toy that can be used by a female. I am in a lesbian relationship, so toys I can share with my partner are always appreciated! We are also in the BDSM lifestyle, so fetish product and bondage gear are also welcome.

If you’d like to get in touch with me to discuss a toy review, please click here. You can check out reviews that I have done over at Ruby Goodnight Reviews.


Sex Toy Reviews & Lingerie Reviews

Sex toy web sites have seen a huge increase in sales over the last year, and sex toy reviews are in high demand. As a result, shops are expanding their selections of products. Many choose to outsource their product descriptions, blog posts, and toy testing. I’ve been working with sex toy retailers – including one of the largest sites in the United States, as well as smaller startups – to help them create attractive, keyword friendly product descriptions for their web sites.

I’ve also started doing product reviews, both paid, and free in return for the product I am reviewing. Please see below to links to my work within the field of sex toys, corsets, and lingerie.


Sex Toy Reviews

Sex Toy Descriptions



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