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Mainstream blog content writers, as well as adult blog writers, use keywords and phrases to drive traffic to web sites. Outsourcing to blog writers can free up valuable time that a web master can spend developing other aspects of their site. Here are a a sample of mainstream blog content that I have created for Hayes Computing Solutions Ltd, using an ongoing “character” that works in their office.

Ruby Goodnight Writing mainstream content writerWell, as you can tell, HCOMS Towers hasn’t been blown away to the land of Oz this week, though it has made for some interesting hairstyles for those coming into the office from these storms this week. The office pool on the X-Factor results paid out quite well this week, since most of us had the cutie with the pink hair winning the whole thing, but I think we all know that Amelia’s got a contract in her future anyway. Most of us are already in ‘holiday’ mode, so it’s been a bit of a battle to keep on task and get things done. I know when I get back from my few days off, I’m going to have a mile-long list of emails in my inbox from clients, suppliers, co-workers, and a few personal ones (shhhh…Ididn’tsaythat….shhhh), so I thought that discussing how to keep your inbox organised would be a good topic to discuss. Shall we?

I go by four basic rules when it comes to email.

  1. Folders are your friends.
  2. If you’re read it, it’s not in your inbox.
  3. If you don’t need to read it, it’s not in your inbox.
  4. Stop obsessing over your inbox.

My email is set up so that I have one main inbox which all my incoming mail goes into. From there, I have smaller, sub-folders that I file away emails that I have read, and emails that I know I don’t need to read (but should hold onto in the event I may need it). My sub folders typically are dedicated to one person, but if I’m working on a project where there are many people involved, I keep a folder for that one project.

So when I head into my inbox, I quickly skim it, decide if it needs reading or not. I either read it, then file it, or file it straight away. If I really don’t need it (in the event that a spam email gets through our filters), I just bin it. By the end of my session with my inbox, it should be completely empty. Nothing lives in my inbox for more than a few hours.

I also only check my email a few times a day. Yes, I do get tempted when I see that little window pop up and show me a flirting glimpse of what’s inside, but I have learned to behave myself, and just let that email sit there until I have the time to look at it. As a general rule, I only check my emails every couple of hours or so. Checking them as and when they come in disrupts my ‘flow’, and I don’t like having to stop and start things. (And by flow, of course I mean my mad rapping skills, and not my website design marathons where I get into the zone and make the most mind-blowing pages imaginable. )

There are times when I do keep a better eye on my inbox, such as the weekly report that my supervisor sends out that needs completing within the hour, or when my mate across the hallway is going on a Krispy Kreme run, and wants to know what I want. (Yes, I do have my priorities correct, Thank you for noticing.)

Since I won’t be back before Christmas arrives, I’d like to take this time to wish you and yours a Happy Christmas, a great New Year, and a somewhat painless New Year’s Day hangover!

Build My Rank (BMR) Posts

Build My Rank is a site used my SEO specialist use to build unlimited, permanent backlinks to domains. By creating 150 word content, and posting on keyword targeted sites, the BMR user can access a network consists of high quality, aged domains only (PR1-PR6). These BMR pieces were written using the keywords listed in the first column.

Ruby Groodnight

Provillus Review

Finding The Best Hair Replacement Product : A Provillus Review

You’ve come to terms with the fact that you are losing your hair, and that Provillus may be an answer, but until you’ve read some a Provillus review, you aren’t quite sure. Provillus is a hair loss product for both men and women, which gives your body the nutrients it needs in order to regrow hair. It also includes the FDA approved drug Minoxidil which is used in prescription hair regrowth formulas. Looking on the internet, you can find hundreds of positive reviews of Provillus, from happy customers who are regrowing their hair after hereditary hair loss. These reviews prove that Provillus works for many women and men. When it comes to the natural products in Provillus, there is no substitute. So rather than waste your money on products that don’t work, check it out for yourself and be one of the thousands of happy customers all over the globe!

Ruby Goodnight

Acai Berry Pills

The Latest Super Supplements : Acai Berry Pills

You may have heard of the new “super food” to hit the market that is now available in pill form – Acai berry pills. But what are they exactly used for? Acai berries are known to help keep a normal metabolism level as well as provide you with additional energy. They have ingredients in them that can help your digestion and improve your cardiovascular system. There is as much protein in one dose of acai berry pills as there is in an egg. The combination of fiber, “good” fats, as well as a number of vitamins and minerals make this a must for anyone’s daily supplement regime. When choosing Acai berry pills, make sure you get the actual berry in a freeze dried form. Pills made from extracts are a lot less expensive, but you lose much of the healthy qualities of the food, so there is less value for money.

erotica writer

Smoke Deter Review

Hearing From The Ex Smoker’s Mouth – A Smoke Deter Review

I’ve had my last cigarette and am so thrilled that I’ve decided to write a Smoke Deter review about it! I had been smoking since I was fifteen, and I had been trying to stop for the last decade or so. I had tried everything – hypnosis, gum, patches, pills, and even going cold turkey. Nothing lasted more than a day until I found Smoke Deter. This easy to use spray just gets pumped under the tongue a few times a day, and you will find yourself not wanting to smoke as much. While using he product, I still smoked as usual – or so I thought. After a few weeks I noticed that I was buying packs much less often, and that I was smoking less and less every few days. I went from having 20 a day to just a few, and now I’m down to none at all. Yay!!

BMR writer

Cashmere Sweater

Tips For Finding A High Quality Cashmere Sweater

If you are going to spend a significant sum of money on a cashmere sweater, you want to be sure that you can find the best ones available. Don’t be tempted to purchase cashmere sweaters from discount internet sites or online auctions. Often, the reason that these sweaters are prices so much lower than in the department stores is due to the fact that they are “seconds”, or sweaters with slight imperfections that the major labels will not sell. Alternatively, they could be fake or stolen. Always purchase your cashmere sweater from a reputable source, such as a department store that has specific fashion lines, or from the web page of these department stores or brands. When dealing with these sources, you can be sure that there will not be any issues if the need arises to return or replace your cashmere sweater. Don’t skimp on price when you are looking to buy a cashmere sweater.

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Nail Fungus Treatment 

Get Perfect Nails with a Nail Fungus Treatment

I was afraid to show off my toes until I found the nail fungus treatment that worked best for me. For years, I had yellowish, discolored toe nails. I hated when the summer came around, since all the fashionable footwear showed off your toes. I was embarrassed by my nail fungus, so I found myself a nail fungus treatment to help get my toe nails back on track. After a few weeks, I started seeing a change in color in my toe nails, from the yellow green hue of the fungus, to a healthy pink and white that was the norm before the fungus set in. I started wearing open toed shoes and sandals without being embarrassed, or having to coat them in layers of dark colored nail polish. Once the fungus was cleared, thanks to the nail fungus treatment, I was able to bring my little piggies back home.

Ruby Goodnight

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