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Lesbian FemDom Erotica

Danielle and Her Mistress is a short fetish erotica piece, with one female-on-male domination scene, and one lesbian domination scene. For those who love FemDom erotica, this piece is for you. It has been featured on the website
Under The Covers
, an erotic story site with a safer sex message, along with a few other pieces I created especially for them.

FemDom female domination Danielle sat herself down carefully before the lighted mirror. She slowly removed her eye makeup and unclipped the fire-red extensions from her black hair. It was the end of a long night at the Dark Fox Club in central London, and she was almost ready to head back to her house. She counted her tips and set aside enough for the cab ride home, and flipped through an S&M magazine that lay on her tabletop.

Her arms were a bit sore from her last client. He was a heavy set man who wanted her to flog him until his behind showed raised welts, but his ass was so used to this level of torture that it took a good long while for her to get the desired effect. He had been her client before – his name was Norman, or so he said it was – and he always wanted the same scenario: naughty Norman lost all of his Mistress’s money on the horse races, and he wanted to be punished for it. He got off on FemDom – big time. Danielle even went so far as to research the names of few horses to add to the realism, since he was such a good tipper. After stripping him down to his worn-out white briefs and bolted him into the restraining device that attached to the floor, she picked out her favorite purple leather cat-o-nine-tails, and went to work on his rear end. She went through a few tools with him that night, switching over to black leather riding crop, and a wooden paddle before ending on the old reliable red flogger. His screams were mixed with moans, and she could see his swollen dick sticking out of the top of his briefs. A few strokes later, he let out a massive moan and blew his load all over the floor of the club. The cleaning staff would be earning their money tonight.

She changed out of her work uniform and started getting herself into some street clothes. It took her a bit to undo the structured grey corset, and she managed to untie the ribbons that weaved up the back of her suede pants. These bottoms looked best sans panties, so she grabbed the white thong she had stashed in her handbag. As she fiddled with her watch, she noticed the time.

Her stomach dropped. It was 1:20am.

Mistress expected her home in 25 minutes, and it was at last a half hour cab ride home, assuming she was able to hail one right away.

Like what you see? Read the buy of this FemDom erotica piece at my non-exclusive downloads page.

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Ghostwritten Kindle Erotica eBooks

Before I started selling my own ebook erotica, I ghost-wrote a number of erotica ebooks for the Kindle reader. The majority of these adult short stories are less than 5000 words – perfect for those who want to read a bit of adult material on the go. Kindle erotica, especially lesbian erotica ebooks, is by far one of my favorite projects to work on. It is one of the highest selling niches on Amazon. Below is a selection of a few of the Kindle erotica ebooks I have written for a third party.


adult sex books Ruby’s New Job by Tisa Tinsel (ghostwritten by Ruby Goodnight)

Ruby’s a college girl desperately in need of money, and fast!! Looking at adverts for local jobs, she comes across a bar looking for experienced drinks servers. When she turns up for her job interview however, things are not quite what she expected…Thrust into a world of S&M and dominatrixes, how long can she resist before the sex in the air starts to get the better of her?

A must read for all fans of S&M sex books!

kindle erotica ebookskindle sex books
Breaking Passwords spy erotica ebook Breaking Passwords : A Sexy Spy Thriller, by Georgia Dane (ghostwritten by Ruby Goodnight)

In the first in a series of short stories a sexy secret agent tempts her target in order to gain access to his secret knowledge. Through the use of her various skills, both tactical and sexual, she delivers the goods that her boss has requested. Unfortunately, one silly mistake means that she has to return to the scene of action and retrace her steps. Can our naughty nympho make it back to HQ with her acquisition without being caught out?

fetish storieskindle books
Vampire Erotica – My First Date with a Vampire, by Lauren Grey (ghostwritten by Ruby Goodnight)

This is a new short story of Vampire Romance by Lauren Gray.

Olivia was about to give up on the whole dating scene, until she received a mysterious invitation in her inbox to join, a dating site where vampires meet humans for more than a bit of blood-sucking fun. Will her first date with Mark the vampire be a complete disaster, or just the romance that Olivia is looking for?

ruby goodnight eroticavampire kindle erotica

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