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Excerpt from Snow White and the Seven Fetishes

Ruby Goodnight Erotica eBook“She’s ready”, announced Slick.

Tech came forward with something Snow White had never seen before. It was a motorized fucking machine with a massive black dildo on the end. He had maneuvered it to the side of the bed. Slick instructed Snow White to move her body so she was on her hands and knees, with her pussy lined up with the end of the dildo. Snow White did as instructed, and soon enough the thick dildo was inside her lubed pussy. She moaned with each mechanical pound, and struggled to keep herself on her knees. Her orgasms continued as the two gentlemen changed their positions.

Slick had moved around, and was standing on the bed over Snow White’s behind. He took a new condom out of the wrapper and rolled it down his massive cock. He slowly pushed his dick into Snow White’s virgin asshole, and moaned out loud at the pleasure caused by her tight hole. Snow White whimpered, but the oils made the ass fucking less painful and even quite pleasurable. She was now being double-penetrated – with her ass full of Slick’s dick and her pussy being fucked by the automatic phallus. Her head was cum drunk, and she could barely believe what was going on.  Buy the eBook at Amazon tonight! 


I’ve finally uploaded my first erotica ebook to Kindle. I had been ghost writing these types of ebooks on Kindle for quite a while, and thought it was time I got something up in the Ruby Goodnight name. It’s currently on sale for $0.99, but I’m looking for some reviewers to leave me feedback on the sites. Get in touch if you are interested in a free copy in exchange for your review.


Snow white and the seven fetishes erotica ebook  

When Snow White learns that her stepmother is trying to murder her, she finds a rather unique place to hide out – a fetish brothel. She earns her keep through fetish centered sessions with the seven men who run the brothel. Read as Snow White learns the skills needed for both a submissive slave and a powerful FemDom, and unlocks her kinky side in this bondage erotica.

ruby goodnighterotica ebooks


Ghostwritten Kindle Erotica eBooks

Before I started selling my own ebook erotica, I ghost-wrote a number of erotica ebooks for the Kindle reader. The majority of these adult short stories are less than 5000 words – perfect for those who want to read a bit of adult material on the go. Kindle erotica, especially lesbian erotica ebooks, is by far one of my favorite projects to work on. It is one of the highest selling niches on Amazon. Below is a selection of a few of the Kindle erotica ebooks I have written for a third party.


adult sex books Ruby’s New Job by Tisa Tinsel (ghostwritten by Ruby Goodnight)

Ruby’s a college girl desperately in need of money, and fast!! Looking at adverts for local jobs, she comes across a bar looking for experienced drinks servers. When she turns up for her job interview however, things are not quite what she expected…Thrust into a world of S&M and dominatrixes, how long can she resist before the sex in the air starts to get the better of her?

A must read for all fans of S&M sex books!

kindle erotica ebookskindle sex books
Breaking Passwords spy erotica ebook Breaking Passwords : A Sexy Spy Thriller, by Georgia Dane (ghostwritten by Ruby Goodnight)

In the first in a series of short stories a sexy secret agent tempts her target in order to gain access to his secret knowledge. Through the use of her various skills, both tactical and sexual, she delivers the goods that her boss has requested. Unfortunately, one silly mistake means that she has to return to the scene of action and retrace her steps. Can our naughty nympho make it back to HQ with her acquisition without being caught out?

fetish storieskindle books
Vampire Erotica – My First Date with a Vampire, by Lauren Grey (ghostwritten by Ruby Goodnight)

This is a new short story of Vampire Romance by Lauren Gray.

Olivia was about to give up on the whole dating scene, until she received a mysterious invitation in her inbox to join, a dating site where vampires meet humans for more than a bit of blood-sucking fun. Will her first date with Mark the vampire be a complete disaster, or just the romance that Olivia is looking for?

ruby goodnight eroticavampire kindle erotica

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