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Sex Toy Reviews

Are you a sex toy web site that is looking to have your products reviewed? Looking for a reviewer that can write with SEO in mind than your standard sex toy blogger? Want honest reviews that will attract more sales? If you’ve got a product that you want to promote, getting it reviewed by sex toy reviewers like me can help push those sales.

You will always receive an honest and accurate review based on my experienced with the toy. I will consider reviewing your item if you provide a free, non-returnable sample of the product.

Please be advised that I am located in the United Kingdom, but I do travel to the US several times a year and can receive discreetly shipped toys while in the States. While I do have specific styles of toys that I prefer, I am open to review any toy that can be used by a female. I am in a lesbian relationship, so toys I can share with my partner are always appreciated! We are also in the BDSM lifestyle, so fetish product and bondage gear are also welcome.

If you’d like to get in touch with me to discuss a toy review, please click here. You can check out reviews that I have done over at Ruby Goodnight Reviews.


Fetish Authors Writing Without Experience?

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While at Eroticon this weekend, something came up that I think deserves a bit of a discussion. While watching a S&M demo, I looked around the room at the audience in attendance, and noticed that there were a few members who did not seem comfortable with the situation. After the demo was done, there was a brief discussion about what we (as the audience) just saw. One individual brought up what I had noticed. In turn,  Rubyyy Jones asked those in attendance who had never seen an actual session before.

A small number in attendance raised their hands. Rubyyy then asked those who had their hands in the air if they had ever written about BDSM before. The conversation kind of fizzled out from there, which was a shame, since it really could have expanded on the concept as a whole – do some fetish authors write without experiencing the activities they write about, and on a lesser note, does the reader ever notice the difference?

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FemDom Dominatrix Blog

FemDom dominatrix blog postsFor a few months now, I have been writing a FemDom /  dominatrix blog for a third party. While I consider myself a submissive, I do have Switch tenancies, which come out when I write for this blog. The blog in itself is about a fictional dominatrix named Davina, her husband and sub who she calls ‘puppy’, and her new submissive who she is training named ‘kitten’. The webmasters want it quite stereotypical, which draws in the vanilla surfers that are their main target. While the majority of the blog is ‘scene’ replays, there are a few times where I get on my D/s soapbox.


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Smashwords Removes Certain Types of Erotica

Although I currently don’t publish my erotica at Smashwords, there are some that might find this news interesting.

Paypal is requiring Smashwords to remove any erotica that contains bestiality, rape, or incest. I know that the first category is still a bit taboo, the second less so (especially in BDSM), and the third being quite common.

Here is the email that is floating around…

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