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Dating sites are one of the hardest to rank due to so much duplicate content all over the internet – especially if you are using out of the box whitelabels. Luckily, some dating site sponsors allow you to add written content to the site itself. Others may be better off creating blogs that help drive traffic to their specific site. This is a post I created for the lesbian dating site Sapphic Dating as part of their overall promotional program.

Your profile on your favorite lesbian dating website is your first impression. It’s what makes ladies decide if you’re the type of person they want to get in touch with. That’s why it’s so important to get it right the first time around. Make mistakes, and you could be wasting valuable time wading through contact requests from women you’d rather not meet. So how do you make sure that your online dating profile is the best it can be? What can you do to attract the ‘right kind’ of lesbians online? Here are five tips to getting that lesbian dating profile right!

Find A Lesbian Wife OnlinePick a unique screenname that gives a glimpse into who you are. While names like “JuicyGrrl69” or “HornyBoiAries” may look unique – you’d be surprised at how many ladies pick rather sexualized names when all they are looking for is someone to talk to. Be sure that your dating site screenname not only reflect someone about you, but doesn’t give the wrong impression. “DildoSlut” would be a great name for a bottom looking for a no strings attached relationship. “GardeningMom12” shows that sex isn’t the most important factor in picking a potential partner. It’s not that one is ‘bad’ and the other ‘good’ – they just need to reflect what you’re searching for. Also resist putting any part of your real name as your dating screen name, as this can be used to locate you when you’d rather not be.

Post a flattering photo. Your profile picture doesn’t necessarily need to be one of your face, but at the very least be sure it’s a recent image of yourself. While we all know that there are more things to a great partner than looks, seeing an image of your potential lover on a lesbian dating site then meeting someone who looks quite different can be a bit nerve wracking! But, if it is, be sure that you only use that image on that site. Using Google Images, you can backwards-search an image. This means that if you are using the same picture on your Facebook profile, with your real name, someone can search for your dating site image and come up with your Facebook page. Just be careful!

Find Lesbian Love OnlineKnow what you are looking for. Why have you joined a lesbian dating site? Are you searching for a new long term partner? Other lesbians just to hang out with? A no-strings-attached lesbian relationship? Also keep in mind the type of woman you’re looking for. Use basic terms to describe yourself that would be searchable for others looking for your type.

Lay out your “must have”s, your “it would be nice if”s and your “should not” list right from the start. Start as you mean to go. In the case of dating sites for lesbians, this means lay it all out with what type of person you’re looking for. If your possible lesbian love must be a butch, like reading, and is a vegetarian non-smoker, be sure to put this in your profile. While the amount of people contacting you overall may be reduced, you’ll have more of the type of person you DO want contacting you.

Be positive, but honest. Flatter yourself in an honest but meaningful way. If you are on the older site, use term like “mature” and “experienced”. “Curvy” and “BBW” are often terms searched out by those looking for plus sized ladies. Avoid the put downs – even if meant in a joking manner. We don’t mean just when it comes to describing yourself, either. Keep away from the sarcastic style remarks like “Losers need not apply” in your lesbian dating site profile.

We also suggest that once you’ve written your lesbian dating site profile, you hold off a day before posting it. Let it sit in your word document overnight, then come back to it the next morning for a few tweaks. This will help you pick up spelling and grammar errors more easily, as you won’t be reading what you “think” you wrote, but what you actually did right. Once you’re happy with that profile, get it uploaded and get ready for your first contacts to come through. Good luck!

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Dating Site Descriptions for

For the last month or so, I have been creating content for a new dating site in the UK, It’s from the same amazing web master that’s brought you sites like Essex Swingers, Horny Married Women, and UK Milfs.

Projects like this always get my mind going. I’m provided with a set of target keywords, a url, and a set length, and I just run with it. Sometimes I create work that’s pure copy write – selling the site to the reader. Other times, I like to take the point-of-view of a user and go into how they can use the site to satisfy their sexual desires. This set of work has come quite easily (save for a bought of flu that knocked me off my feet for a few days), since I’ve been involved in swinging and exhibitionist lifestyles before. Turning my own experiences into those of a character using a site or using the feedback that a webmaster receives from their members as a jumping point for a piece of writing almost writes itself.

Without sounding sales-y, I do like the idea of the site as a whole. It’s a dating site for swingers / married but looking folks, but it’s also got an area where members upload their amateur pics and vids. Passive exhibitionism!

Check out my Niche Dating Site descriptions to see what I can create for your dating site description needs!

Dating Sites and Holiday Prep

It’s been quite a week! I’m getting ready for a much-needed trip to go back and see my family in the USA. Hopefully it will recharge my erotica batteries and I’ll return with a head full of fun fetish stories to tell. I’ve been involved with a large ongoing project lately, working with a UK web master, creating content for her series of dating sites. It’s a much needed niche that I’m glad to be involved with! I’ve updated my portfolio with these dating site description excerpts for you to check out.

Niche Dating Site Descriptions

One of the more recent projects I have been involved in is the creation of content for newly established dating sites. The dating site descriptions for these niche dating pages is a bit different than your typical dating web page, since it’s quite specific to a type of client. The use of keywords is quite heavy in these pieces.The excerpts below are from dating sites targeting married women, swingers, milfs and gilfs.


UK Milfs

Ruby Goodnight dating site descriptions


A dating site to connect UK men who have an attraction to mothers, and the milfs who want to hook up with them.  Emphasis on public sex (exhibitionists) and swinging.Why mess around with immaturity and inexperience when you can have one of the thousands of UK milfs found at UK MilfsWhen you’re looking for milfs, you’ve got plenty to choose from. Everything from the young teen mum who wants a fun no-strings-attached night out, a fit new milf that wants things a bit more kinky than her hubby will give her, to an older milf with years of experience behind her that can teach you a thing or two! Don’t be shy when approaching UK milfs with hopes of a date. These ladies may be a bit older and have some experience behind them, but they’re like every other woman out there and enjoy a fun guy who can show them a good time. When using an online dating site like ours, you’re able to see right away what they look like, read about their personality and hobbies, check out their likes and dislikes, and discover if they’re the type of lady that you’re looking for. Read More…

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Swingers Essex

Ruby Goodnight dating site descriptions swingers is run like your typical dating site, but caters specifically to singles and couples who are searching for those in the swinging lifestyle in and around Essex, UK.Have you and your partner just moved to the London area? Are you looking to meet people that follow your polyamorous lifestyle? Or are you a resident who has been in the area for a while and now you want to try and connect with swapping couples? One of the best places to meet swingers in Essex is to join have a rough enough time dealing with common misconceptions of the lifestyle. It’s difficult to leave a group of friends and lovers and move to a new area to reconnect to new couples. It’s not like you can just walk into your new local pub and start asking around for couples who like to share their partner, especially in an area that can be as uptight as those outside London. You need a safe and accepting environment to connect with other swingers in Essex. Read More…

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Horny Married Women

Ruby Goodnight dating site descriptions horny married women

A dating site for the cheating wife in the United Kingdom.There’s no denying that women who aren’t getting enough in the bedroom want to look elsewhere. I love those types of ladies, since they are rather straight forward with what they want – sex without a relationship. No worrying about being introduced to the kids, brought home to meet the parents, or have to be subjected to long boring social situations as their ‘other half’. can connect you with thousands of wives looking for a no strings attached relationship. Some are after one night stands, while others would prefer a longer term fuck buddy.You can also find married women who have a bit of a kinky side and aren’t able to get that type of satisfaction with their partner. Women who are into bondage and dominance, dogging, gang bangs, and even swingers who have their husband’s go-ahead all are part of the population. You’ve got your fair selection of milfs and gilfs as well. You’ll find them from all parts of society, almost every race and age, living all over Britain. Read More…

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Old Swingers

Ruby Goodnight dating site descriptions old swingers is a dating style site for the senior members of the United Kingdom who want to get together and swap partners.So you and your partner are looking for a bit of mature fun this evening? Trying to find some like minded older couples to have kinky swap with? Do you want to find some old swingers in your area?The thought of exchanging your partner for someone else’s for hours of sexual exploration can be very exciting to couples – especially those who have been together for many years and are looking for a way to spice up their sex lives. Swapping couples enjoy no strings attached sexual experiences that give them the kinky outlet they’re looking for, without the worry that their partner is being left out of the fun. Some partners love to watch their other half having sex with a third person, while others get off on the group sex aspect of swinging. Read More…

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