One of the best things about being a fetish erotica writer is turning to the internet for inspiration. I don’t live the lifestyle 24/7 as I used to do back in ‘the day’, but part of me very much longs to be placed in positions like the lovely subs here find themselves in. Sinful Sunday (#SinfulSunday) is a great way for me to vicariously get into ‘sub space’ and create a more life-like portrayal in my erotica ebooks and stories. I must thank Miss Molly (and her Master for allowing her to do this) for her weekly inspiration!

Here are a few of my favorites today…

Molly herself in the holiday spirit – quite PG, but still lovely.

A wonderful use of nipples that quite resemble mine.

More nipples. For me, nipple torture is one of the best pleasure / pain areas of the body.

I do love a gorgeous corset and stocking set, as well.

I’m always looking for creative ways to have my characters hide their equipment. This is one I LOVE.



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