In the last few years, the sex toy adult market has grown substantially on the internet. Separating yourself from the crowd with bespoke web content related to your products is a non-spammy way to drive traffic to your website. This unique content will not only appease the ‘SEO’ gods, it’ll also help get eyeballs on your products without seeming spammy. This piece on the basic differences between strap on harness styles was made for the website

Diving into the world of strapon harnesses for the first time? The sheer number of varieties available for those who are looking into this style of play can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Between figuring out which kind of harness works best for you, picking out the right dildo, and sorting out any lubrication, it can be a bit tricky! Getting the basics down is key – so here is a brief overview of various styles of strapon harnesses for your next experience.

One-Piece Strapon Harnesses – These are where most beginners turn to, as they tend to be the least expensive and least complicated. A single dildo is permanently attached to a harness that can be either slipped on and off like underwear, or strapped onto your body like a belt. While the cost is low and they are easy to use, you’re sacrificing any options for variety as you’d find with more complex systems that have interchanging dildos. You want to be very certain that both the style of dildo and the harness type fits your needs.

O-ring Based Sets – The most popular style of strapon harness are those that have an o-ring attached to the front of the harness where you can slip in your favorite dildo. This style opens you up to many more options as far as dildos go, as long as the dildo itself can fit into your o-ring and has a flared bottom. Less expensive o-ring based harnesses have singular fixed rings, while others allow you to take out the ring and replace it with others of varying size. Look for o-ring harnesses that have snaps on the side of the ring, rather than sewn-in rings as they are the most simple to change out.

Modular Strap On Harness Sets – There are an increasing number of sex toy manufacturers making their own ‘system’s that can have interchangeable harnesses, dildos, and other toys for penetration pleasure. The most popular of these is the Vac-U-Lock system by Doc Johnson. In these mini “strapon worlds”, you are limited to whatever items are in that particular collection, so you want to be sure that they cover the styles and variety that you are looking for. They also tend to be higher in price, as the manufacturers know you will need to return to their brand for any new toys.

Strapless Strapons – Breaking away from the typical harness and dildo setup, strapless strapon are named that because rather than an external setup, the female who is donning the dildo actually holds it inside her body. Strapless strapons have a penetrating dildo at one end, and a bulb or hook like appendage the other that the woman inserts into her vagina and holds in place with her PC muscles. Many ladies like this style of strapon as it also delivers pleasurable sensations to them, as well as the lover. Using them does take some getting used it, and can sometimes be a bit awkward for ladies who don’t have particularly strong pelvic floor muscles.