Well, with my first free run on Kindle just over a week ago, I learned a few things that I will certainly take into account when doing my next run. One of those lessons is making sure that I contact web masters and bloggers that will advertise your free day on Amazon on their site. There are quite a few lists going around with links to these sites, but unfortunately, a good number of them don’t accept erotica or anything with graphic sex.

In preparation for my next free run I’ve checked out many of their sites to get their stance on erotica ebook submissions. I’ve compiled a list of sites that do accept erotica. If you come across any sites that are not on this list, or know about a change in any policies, please let me know in the comments.

I hope that other erotica writers out there will find this list helpful! (I’ve also listed other sites that DON’T accept erotica at this time, in the event that there are non-erotica authors looking for a list of sites to submit their free ebooks to.)

Sites that ACCEPT erotica ebook submissions: 

Ruby Goodnight Reviews – this is a subdomain of my own web site, where I review adult products, including adult erotica

Amazon’s ‘Meet Our Authors’ Forum – this is the only area in Amazon’s forum that allows self-promotion

Kindleboards Book Bazaar – this is a must-join forum for authors. In the ‘Book Bazaar’ section, you can create a thread about your book, and ‘bump’ it once a week (and reply to other posters when they post in your thread). There’s also a second thread where you can post about your free erotica ebooks, following the same weekly bump rule. You can promote your books in your signature, as well as freely discuss your book in their Writer’s Cafe section

eReader IQ – just fill out the contact form with your info

eReader Freebies – more than likely, you don’t need to contact this site to let them know. They picked up Snow White and the Seven Fetishes and I never got in touch with them. They’re just that good!

Kindle Daily Nation – add your book to the tracker, and they’ll pick it up when it goes free

Goodkindles – can be used for erotica ebook promotion at any time – not just when your erotica ebook is listed as free.

Kindle Spice – another ‘free promo any time’ site, especially for erotica, but you must fit in with their feedback guidelines

Razberry Juice – we have no problems featuring or promoting with reviews on our site

There are also a number of Yahoo! erotica and romance book groups that you can join to promote your book youself. There is a post on Kindleboards by Selena_Kitt that has a great list, as well as a selection of sites where you can submit your erotica for reviews, and sites where you can pay for advertisement. All erotica writers need to bookmark that post!


Sites that MIGHT ACCEPT erotica ebooks on their site: 

Books on the Knob – “If you send erotica, I might read it (but I’m also not as likely to mention it, especially if that’s the only focus of the book; Laurell Hamilton gets a mention, but triple-X self-published works most likely won’t).”

All Things Kindle’s Facebook Page – “My readers are not big fans of erotica.  I post them, however, and I make it known that it is erotica so that the reader who is not interested in that genre won’t click on it.  If your covers are too racy, I do make the determination not to post them if I think my readers my be offended. ”

I’ve send messages to Pixel of Ink to ask about their erotica policies. I’ll update this post as and when I get replies.


Sites that DO NOT ACCEPT erotica submissions: 

EReader News Today (ENT) – “We will not promote books that contain the following: erotic scenes, pornography, have graphic sex scenes, explicit sex scenes, soft core porn, have a lot of sex scenes, contain controversial subject matter, offensive to any race, gender, religion, etc.”

Authors on the Cheap’s Facebook Page – “We do not accept erotica posted here[.]”

Free Kindle Books and Tips – “We do not promote erotica.”

Digital Book Today – “No erotica will be accepted.”

The Frugal eReader – “I don’t feature titles that strictly fall under the erotica genre.”

Free eBooks Daily – “We don’t post erotica.”

Bargain eBook Hunter – “[W]e do not accept erotica titles.”

Kindle on the Cheap – “Unfortunately we do not [accept erotica].”

Indie Book List – The owners do not promote erotica on this site.

Kindle Candle – “Our policy essentially is this: no erotica in the free promo offer. However, erotica will be considered on a case-by-case basis for paid ads. Any ads for erotica subsequently displayed will also display a clear ‘content caution – not suitable for minors’ notice.”

Cents-ible eReads – “At Cents-ible eReads we try to make it as family friendly as possible, so I’m sorry to say but we do not permit erotica submissions.”

Kindle Authors – “Most genres are welcome, with the exception of erotica.”

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