As part of the tradition, Eroticon attendees are asked to fill out a Meet and Greet post. Here’s mine! See who else is coming to Eroticon 2013 in the Meet & Greet link up.

Name: Ruby Goodnight

Twitter id: @RubyGoodnight

Must attend Eroticon 2013 session: Other than my own, “Creative Writing 3 – Short n’ Tweet: A Philosophy of Writing Sex on Twitter with Vena Ramphal”

Bloggers you’d like to be trapped in the lift with: Lift? Oh…..elevator! Hmm. Probably none since I’m not good with confined spaces.

Erotic writer you’d like to write dramatize your life story: Lady Pandorah because her blog is one of my must-reads.

Expected biggest fangirl / fanboy moment: Probably Zoe Margolis, since I appreciate a lot of her from afar, and never got a chance to speak with her last year. 

What keeps you awake at nights? Reading adult webmaster forums on my iPhone in bed, a toddler who is teething, mental to-do lists for the next day, and random midnight hungers for chocolate brownies.

UPDATE: If you are like me, you are probably travelling to London sometime before Saturday morning and are wondering what to do with yourself. If meeting up with friendly faces who are attending the conference, chilling out with a few drinks and nibbles, and getting to know folks before the big day sounds like something you would enjoy, then I invite you to come along to the second annual pre-conference get together! No pressure, no pretenses, and no activities planned – just a good old fashioned hang out.

The delicious Molly Moore has coordinated the event which will be held at the Novotel Hotel Bar on 46 Blackfriars Road, SE1 8NZ. We will be there from 7:30pm until most decide to head back to their hotel rooms, which last year was around 11pm. Dress code is whatever you wish to wear. (I’ll be there in something professionalish and sexy.) I hope to see you there!


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