Well, this was a lovely sight to wake up to this morning. I’ve had my ebook Snow White and the Seven Fetishes listed for free on Amazon for just over 24 hours.

Snow White and the Seven Fetishes Sales Ruby Goodnight

The top line is from the .com site, and the bottom from the .co.uk site. I did have sales during the first two weeks of the month, but it’s safe to say that it wasn’t in the 500-range.┬áSometimes there is a bit of a debate throughout the Kindle Direct Publishing community if the free days are worth it in the end. For me, my main focus for this free session was to get my material to new readers, and to push myself higher in the Amazon rankings. My stats this morning:

Amazon.com – #632 in all free Kindle books, #54 in the Erotica category

Amazon.co.uk – #425 in all free Kindle books, #23 in the Erotica category

Now, I have been in the Top 100 for both sites before, so this isn’t as huge as a feat, but I had dropped out in January. This puts me back into the books that Amazon highlights for it’s readers.

The thing I find the most funny about this whole process is that I’ve made sales on the German Amazon site. Never had a single sale from Amazon.de, but I’ve sold 4 within the last day.

If you’d like to get your fingers on my free fetish erotica ebook, it’s got another 24 hours or so before it goes back to the retail price, so click here to get your copy of Snow White and the Seven Fetishes!


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