I’ve found that specific aspect of my writing work has certainly got a lot of attention lately, so I’ve decided to expand my website. First there was this portfolio web site to focus on my writing, then I introducted my personal blog, Corsets and Candy. Now, I’ve added a new subdomain called Ruby Goodnight Reviews.

At Ruby Goodnight Reviews, I’ll be focusing on writing my opinion and experiences with various adult products, including sex toys, fetish wear, corsets, BDSM equipment, and any other number of adult products that cross my threshold. This also includes erotica, so if you are an aspiring erotica writer who is looking to have their piece reviewed, please get in touch.

I have started off this new section of my site with a collection of reviews for sexy toys provided by Erotic Toy Town, as well as corsets I have purchased from Corsets UK.

If you are interested in me reviewing your adult products, please get in touch with me by clicking the “Contact Me” link in the above menu, or by clicking here.

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