Officially, Snow White and the Seven Fetishes was available for free download on Amazon for 48 hours. It’s still listing as free in it’s 49th hour, but I wanted to put up a post giving the results for those in the self-publishing community that read this blog.

In all honestly, I didn’t do a great deal of promotion around the whole event. I tweeted regularly, which was re-tweeted by some lovely followers, I posted on the Kindle Boards thread that I used to discuss the book, and mentioned it on my facebook page. I didn’t take advantage of the numerous other ways I could have promoted the book, but my thought process was to save those for closer to the time when I release The Breaking of Bridgette.

Right – so results. At the end of the 48 hours…here are the numbers! results for Snow White and the Seven Fetishes:

There were approximately 710 free downloads. At it’s highest ranking, it hit number 440 out of all the free Kindle books on Amazon, and number 38 in the Erotica ebook category.

Snow White and the Seven Fetishes Amazon Rank

For the listing, my fetish erotica ebook had approximately 140 free downloads, it got as high as #18 in the erotica category, and it reached number 356 in the entire free Kindle book category (when it was at number 21 in the erotica category).

Snow White and the Seven Fetishes Ruby Goodnight Amazon UK

One of the more surprising events that came out of the experience is that I ended up with seven downloads on the German Amazon page. I never had a single sale since Snow White and the Seven Fetishes went up in early December, but I seem to have caught a few eyes for the users. I’ve contemplated having the book professionally translated into German, but that would be one of those in the ‘some day’ line of my to-do list. I think it was an overall positive experience, and plan on doing it again in the near future!


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