The Breaking of Bridgette femdom erotica ebook Ruby GoodnightThe Breaking of Bridgette is Ruby Goodnight’s second release under Ruby Goodnight’s own pen name. This fetish erotica ebook has an estimated release of March 2012 on both Amazon and Smashwords.

FemDom Arianna had been living quite happily with her dutiful slave Marcus for a few months, but after meeting the young and naive Bridgette at a local S&M themed night club, she couldn’t resist the thought of taking her home and making her part of the ‘family’. Presented as a collection of diary entries and emails, follow Mistress Arianna through her pursuit, seduction, training, and eventual breaking of Bridgette in the latest erotica by fetish author Ruby Goodnight. 

Stay tuned for more details about The Breaking of Bridgette as the release date grows closer!