For the last month or so, I have been creating content for a new dating site in the UK, It’s from the same amazing web master that’s brought you sites like Essex Swingers, Horny Married Women, and UK Milfs.

Projects like this always get my mind going. I’m provided with a set of target keywords, a url, and a set length, and I just run with it. Sometimes I create work that’s pure copy write – selling the site to the reader. Other times, I like to take the point-of-view of a user and go into how they can use the site to satisfy their sexual desires. This set of work has come quite easily (save for a bought of flu that knocked me off my feet for a few days), since I’ve been involved in swinging and exhibitionist lifestyles before. Turning my own experiences into those of a character using a site or using the feedback that a webmaster receives from their members as a jumping point for a piece of writing almost writes itself.

Without sounding sales-y, I do like the idea of the site as a whole. It’s a dating site for swingers / married but looking folks, but it’s also got an area where members upload their amateur pics and vids. Passive exhibitionism!

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