Ruby Goodnight kindle eroticaOne of the latest pieces I have ghost-written is now available on Kindle – – My First Date With A Vampire. While I won’t get any of the proceeds from the sales, it’s always great to read the comments that readers leave for my ghost-written erotica. Here’s the blurb from Amazon:

Olivia was about to give up on the whole dating scene, until she received a mysterious invitation in her inbox to join, a dating site where vampires meet humans for more than a bit of blood-sucking fun. Will her first date with Mark the vampire be a complete disaster, or just the romance that Olivia is looking for?

It was my first venture into vampire erotica, as I tend to sick mostly to the bondage & dominance genre, but it was certainly an enjoyable project! It’s a bit on the tame, vanilla side of my writing – more for the young adult crowd. Not like the X-rated kink that I am used to, but I’m certain it will sell like hot cakes.

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