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It’s been far too long since I’ve blogged – and Tweeted, for that matter. After Eroticon, I had a flood of work come in, and I’m just now catching my breath from about six weeks of madness. In there was a trip back to the States as well, to celebrate my birthday.

One of the down sides to no longer being a performer is that I don’t get gifts from ‘fans’ any more. I’ve now started getting gifts from employers, though! My longest standing contracts (who I don’t name on this blog, as they use my work as ‘their own’) posted me two lovely Lelo toys for my birthday! I was pleasantly surprised to open up a brown cardboard box which arrived at my address in the States to see these – a Lelo Ella Pleasure Object (in dark purple) and a Lelo Ono Cleo Massager (in red). You’ll have to parden the pic quality – it’s taken from my phone cam.

The silly thing is, getting toys like this helps me with my writing. For a while now, the majority of my work has been centered around sex toys, so I take the use of these vibrators and dildos are ‘research’. Now that I’m back in the socializing swing of things, I hope to hear from you on my Twitter account.

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