While jet lag can be quite the pain in the ass, I’ve found myself in that dream-like state where you come up with the most out-there concepts which seem to make perfect sense at the time. Lucky for me, I’ve been writing all of these down, in the hopes of when my post-Transatlantic-flight haze passes, I can use some of the ideas for story lines. At the very least, I’ll see something quite humorous, even if I can’t use them for any erotica story ideas.

Luckily, I’ve given myself two more days to recover back to normal before I start taking on any of the new projects that have come across my desk while I’ve been away. I know I wouldn’t be comfortable creating adult content in my current state!

I’m also going to take the time and trim some of the fat off. I have a few lingering contracts where the employer hasn’t been in touch for weeks, so I need to clear my plate and get going with newer and more naughty erotica and adult writing!

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