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Erotic Meet Turns One, and Ruby Will Be There

Erotic Meet Ruby GoodnightI’m glad to say that in a couple of week’s time, I’ll be headed down to London to be part of Erotic Meet’s First Birthday celebrations. While I don’t get down to the ‘dirty South’ very often, I was convinced to go by a few friends I met at Eroticon.

For those who don’t know, Erotic Meet describes itself as “a social network for people working creatively within the erotic field”. I’m looking forward to the chance to catch up with writers I met in Bristol, as well as making a few new friends and acquaintances. Networking in erotica is also a biggie for me, and I think this is an opportunity not to miss out on. I’m hoping, as well, that there may be a few folks in the pornography industry that I can catch up with, since there still seems to be a major underground existence to us porno writers!

If you’re attending, please let me know. I’d love to meet a few of the webmasters & readers who read my site. You can catch me on twitter as @RubyGoodnight, or drop me a message through the Contact Me page.

Smashwords Removes Certain Types of Erotica

Although I currently don’t publish my erotica at Smashwords, there are some that might find this news interesting.

Paypal is requiring Smashwords to remove any erotica that contains bestiality, rape, or incest. I know that the first category is still a bit taboo, the second less so (especially in BDSM), and the third being quite common.

Here is the email that is floating around…

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Promoting Erotica on Free eBook Websites

Well, with my first free run on Kindle just over a week ago, I learned a few things that I will certainly take into account when doing my next run. One of those lessons is making sure that I contact web masters and bloggers that will advertise your free day on Amazon on their site. There are quite a few lists going around with links to these sites, but unfortunately, a good number of them don’t accept erotica or anything with graphic sex.

In preparation for my next free run I’ve checked out many of their sites to get their stance on erotica ebook submissions. I’ve compiled a list of sites that do accept erotica. If you come across any sites that are not on this list, or know about a change in any policies, please let me know in the comments.

I hope that other erotica writers out there will find this list helpful! (I’ve also listed other sites that DON’T accept erotica at this time, in the event that there are non-erotica authors looking for a list of sites to submit their free ebooks to.)

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