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Last week I had the fortune to ‘sit down’ with two great ladies and talk about life, love and work! Molly Moore and Harper Eliot are the delicious duo who run the (It Girl. Rag Doll) Podcast. These vixens cover a number of adult topics in their sessions, including adult censorship, polyamory, sex toys, porn and so much more.

During my sit down with the pair, started off talking about the weather, then moving onto a brief history of how I got into the adult business. We chatted about topics such as my love for the Fifty Shades of Grey novels, porn nicknames, my upcoming immigration back to the United States, how beginners can get into the commercial writing world, and what I think people do wrong on Twitter accounts.

If you’ve ever been curious to hear my Boston-come-Derbyshire accent, this is your chance as I rarely do anything audio! Big thanks to Molly and Harper for inviting me onto their show – and I am looking forward to getting version 2.0 done at the 2015 Feminist Porn Conference!

Tag Team Traffic Building Redo!

Did you miss out on my ‘Tag Team Traffic’ discussion with Michael Knight (aka DomSigns) at Eroticon? We are doing it all again – this time online!

Thursday Mar 20th, 8:30pmGMT / 4:30pmEST, only £15!

For those of you who were unable to get in the room for our Eroticon 2014 session, or those who are just looking for inexpensive (mostly FREE) ways to up the traffic to your site, this webinair is for you! This session is designed to help those with adult blogs, erotica authors, and other online activities that want to up their traffic levels. Great for sex toy reviewers looking for affiliate link clicks, lifestyle bloggers who want to reach more eyeballs or just get more folks flicking through your portfolio pages.

We’ll cover topics like the do’s and don’ts when it comes to buying traffic and ad space, helpful tools to be sure the traffic you’re getting is right for you, the best social media sites to use to find your adult traffic, as well as what to do with that traffic once it hits your page.

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Get in touch with mdknight@gmail.com for details!

I’m quite excited about this event! XBiz EU will be my first adult digital media conference here in the UK. If you’ve not heard of this event, it’s relatively new. It’s main purpose is to “bring together digital media executives from around the globe for three days of unparalleled symposiums, networking and deal-making opportunities.”

I’m heading down to the dirty South the afternoon of the 22nd, and will be there until the afternoon of the 25th. By day I’m hoping to get a lot from the speed networking and seminars, and at night catching some of the night life that is up for grabs. This event is especially important to me as Ruby Goodnight Media will be expanding in the next few months, and I’m looking to get more clients to work with on a medium to long term basis.

If you’re going to be attending XBiz EU later next month, drop me a message to let me know. I’d love to chat over drinks and help you achieve that authentic detail that your specialized website needs, or just have a great time meeting new faces!

Are You Selling Yourself Short?

I received a freelancing request last night, and the communication spilled over to this morning.

The request was to create a 15,000 word piece on female masturbation. In the job spec, they were looking for writers from the UK, USA, or Canada, and wanted a number of sample pieces before the interview process began.

This came through oDesk (a freelancing site that I used at the start of my career and still keep a profile on). I don’t actively seek out work on oDesk any more, but I do keep the profile up and running as sometimes those looking for adult writers come across my info, then make their way to my site. I tend to brace myself when I get oDesk job interview requests through, for a number of reasons. First, it’s not unheard of for the interviewees to take the samples you send them and do a runner. Get 100 people applying to a job, you’ve got yourself 100 free pieces of writing. The site is also used by a large number of contractors from countries where the standard of living is quite low, and as a result, the payment rates are very minimal. I’ve often seen writing jobs posted for less than half a penny a word.

Given the fact that the job poster was very specific about wanting native-English speaking writers, though, I was thrown for a bit of a loop with the offer – $250, or around $0.017 per word. I usually just click the ‘Decline’ button on these and send the reason as “Rate Too Low”, leaving it at that. For some reason, I thought I’d find out a bit more about this, so I accepted the interview and sent this message. Keep going…I want more…

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