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Free Sex Toys for Erotica Bloggers

Sex Toy BloggersErotica and other adult bloggers have access to a lot of free swag these days. There are a number of sex toy web sites who have discovered that a great way to get their name out there is to give away free toys in exchange for reviews. While I have yet to stumble upon any UK based toy shops that are offering this, one of the great companies that I work with in the States is now in the game –

Here’s the blurb from their site.

EroticToyTown will provide Sex Toys to bloggers and reviewers free of charge. Please choose from the selection below and email us at Please make sure to provide us with the URL of your blog, forum or review site. We will return your mail promptly.

They’ve got some seriously sexy stuff up for grabs, including a iVibe Suction Cup Rabbit Vibe, An Aria Cock Pleaser Blowjob Masturbator, and Icicles Glass Massagers. Get all the details you’ll need at Erotic Toy Town’s Sex Toys for Blogger’s page.

I was sent a few lovely toys from Erotic Toy Town for Christmas while I was in the States, and will be posting my own reviews of their toys in a few weeks time. If I was in the States on a more regular basis, I know I would be getting involved in this. Incidentally, if you know any sites in the United Kingdom that offer this, please leave me some details in the comments below.

Spanking Fetish Content Creation

In the last few weeks, I have been working with a web master who has a spanking fetish web site. In my opinion, a spanking fetish piece needs to be quite specific in it’s content. You want the buildup to be as satisfying as the spanking itself. It’s not only about domination, it’s about humiliation. Here is an excerpt have created for a spanking fetish web site, caught in the middle of the scenario, right as the action begins.

She quickly moved to his side, and bend her small frame over his thick legs. He pushed her round ass up slightly so that her bare breasts were dangling over the other side of his thighs. He ran his rough hands over her pleated skirt, moving his palm down her back side and up under the fabric. With a quick flick, her skirt was up and over her back, exposing her white cotton panties. He admired her little back side for a moment before he readied his arm for her first spanking.

With three quick slaps, his palm landed on her backside. She squirmed and wriggled, which was met with additional hard smacks on her naughty bottom. He ran his hand between her legs and could feel a wet patch starting to form on her previously clean underwear.

“Naughty slut. Now it’s time to really feel that ass of yours.”

You can read the entire spanking fetish web content piece within the adult web content section of my blog.

Ruby Goodnight kindle eroticaOne of the latest pieces I have ghost-written is now available on Kindle – – My First Date With A Vampire. While I won’t get any of the proceeds from the sales, it’s always great to read the comments that readers leave for my ghost-written erotica. Here’s the blurb from Amazon:

Olivia was about to give up on the whole dating scene, until she received a mysterious invitation in her inbox to join, a dating site where vampires meet humans for more than a bit of blood-sucking fun. Will her first date with Mark the vampire be a complete disaster, or just the romance that Olivia is looking for?

It was my first venture into vampire erotica, as I tend to sick mostly to the bondage & dominance genre, but it was certainly an enjoyable project! It’s a bit on the tame, vanilla side of my writing – more for the young adult crowd. Not like the X-rated kink that I am used to, but I’m certain it will sell like hot cakes.

Excerpt from Snow White and the Seven Fetishes

Ruby Goodnight Erotica eBook“She’s ready”, announced Slick.

Tech came forward with something Snow White had never seen before. It was a motorized fucking machine with a massive black dildo on the end. He had maneuvered it to the side of the bed. Slick instructed Snow White to move her body so she was on her hands and knees, with her pussy lined up with the end of the dildo. Snow White did as instructed, and soon enough the thick dildo was inside her lubed pussy. She moaned with each mechanical pound, and struggled to keep herself on her knees. Her orgasms continued as the two gentlemen changed their positions.

Slick had moved around, and was standing on the bed over Snow White’s behind. He took a new condom out of the wrapper and rolled it down his massive cock. He slowly pushed his dick into Snow White’s virgin asshole, and moaned out loud at the pleasure caused by her tight hole. Snow White whimpered, but the oils made the ass fucking less painful and even quite pleasurable. She was now being double-penetrated – with her ass full of Slick’s dick and her pussy being fucked by the automatic phallus. Her head was cum drunk, and she could barely believe what was going on.  Buy the eBook at Amazon tonight! 


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