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Feedback from an Adult Webmaster of Asian Sites

I got a lovely piece of feedback that I’m quite happy to share. This is from a web master that I have been working with, who has a collection of Asian adult web sites. I provided him with a single test piece of gallery descriptions, to add some written web content to his site. This was my first foray into the Asian fetish in my adult writing.

You’ve written -one- piece for me and that piece is the one doing best in the search engines…
(I can throw in a happy face or a sad face here, depending on the point of view 😉  )
Heck, I can’t even recall giving you key-words to work on, still you do best according to google.

I seem to have picked up a knack for choosing my own keywords with pieces, since Morten didn’t give me any, and I didn’t do any Google keyword research of my own. Looking forward to doing some more Asian web content pieces for him in the coming weeks!

I’m excited to announce that I am in the final stages of my latest erotica ebook, “The Breaking of Bridgette”.

FemDom Arianna had been living quite happily with her dutiful slave Marcus for a few months, but after meeting the young and naive Bridgette at a local S&M themed night club, she couldn’t resist the thought of taking her home and making her part of the ‘family’. Follow Mistress Arianna through her pursuit, seduction, training, and eventual breaking of Bridgette in the latest erotica by fetish author Ruby Goodnight. 

This story has been living in my head for some time now, and I’ve finally decided to get the pen moving. I’m hoping to get this up to Kindle in the next few days, after my amazing designer Miguel comes back with the artwork. Keep your eyes on this spot for the Amazon link!

Sasha Grey and Adult Entertainment News

A few of my employers like to include news relating to the goings on in the adult industry. I recently wrote a piece on Sasha Grey, the controversy surrounding the release of the movie ‘Anal Artists’, and Sasha’s belief that the adult movie company releasing this collection of scenes is trying to jump on the hype created when Sasha participated in the Read Across America program. It seems to be quite the hot topic at the moment, as it has spilled from the sometimes limited world of adult entertainment news, and flooded into mainstream media on sites like Huffington Post and TMZ.

You can read my piece on the controversy in the Adult Entertainment News Items section of my Adult Web Content collection.

Dating Site Descriptions for

For the last month or so, I have been creating content for a new dating site in the UK, It’s from the same amazing web master that’s brought you sites like Essex Swingers, Horny Married Women, and UK Milfs.

Projects like this always get my mind going. I’m provided with a set of target keywords, a url, and a set length, and I just run with it. Sometimes I create work that’s pure copy write – selling the site to the reader. Other times, I like to take the point-of-view of a user and go into how they can use the site to satisfy their sexual desires. This set of work has come quite easily (save for a bought of flu that knocked me off my feet for a few days), since I’ve been involved in swinging and exhibitionist lifestyles before. Turning my own experiences into those of a character using a site or using the feedback that a webmaster receives from their members as a jumping point for a piece of writing almost writes itself.

Without sounding sales-y, I do like the idea of the site as a whole. It’s a dating site for swingers / married but looking folks, but it’s also got an area where members upload their amateur pics and vids. Passive exhibitionism!

Check out my Niche Dating Site descriptions to see what I can create for your dating site description needs!

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