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My Fifty Shades of Grey Confession

50 Shades of Grey eCard

Fifty Shades of Grey – not a single book has divided the erotica and BDSM community more in the last fifty years as this one. Yes, I have read it – more than once. Do I think it’s ‘bad’ for the erotica and bondage lifestyle? In a way, yes. Did I enjoy reading it? Kind of. Am I riding out the insane popularity of this set of novels like the cash cow rodeo that it is? OF COURSE I AM!

I’m not joking in the slightest when I say that every single employer I have worked with in the last three months wants pieces relating to the 50 Shades novels. People who I have contracted with in the past who have NO connection to BDSM are trying to find ways to get the traffic from the Fifty Shades phenomenon. I’ve even bought into the hype and dabbled with my own possible way to cash in (outside of my writing, of course).

Fifty Shades Sucks

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In the last 90 days, I have:

  • Rewritten Fifty Shades of Grey scenes in order to make them more ‘hardcore’ and ‘lifestyle friendly’ for BDSM porn sites, as a guide for their movies
  • Added Fifty Shades themed keywords to existing sex toy descriptions to hook into the Google traffic
  • Created shopping lists and how-to guides for sex toy web sites trying to get the attention of new shoppers
  • Designed and ghostblogged an entire new website from the point of view of a ‘first time reader’ for another sex toy shop (with posts pointing them in the direction of their store)
  • Ghostwritten two fan-fic style erotica novels using the 50 Shades characters to be sold on Amazon
  • Started my own affiliate web site for a major bondage furniture web site using a Fifty Shades theme

I kinda feel like a bit of a whore about this whole thing. Fifty Shades is this awfully written book that is spreading misconceptions about the bondage and dominance community, yet I’m playing it out for every single penny it can give me.

Introducting Ruby Goodnight Reviews

I’ve found that specific aspect of my writing work has certainly got a lot of attention lately, so I’ve decided to expand my website. First there was this portfolio web site to focus on my writing, then I introducted my personal blog, Corsets and Candy. Now, I’ve added a new subdomain called Ruby Goodnight Reviews.

At Ruby Goodnight Reviews, I’ll be focusing on writing my opinion and experiences with various adult products, including sex toys, fetish wear, corsets, BDSM equipment, and any other number of adult products that cross my threshold. This also includes erotica, so if you are an aspiring erotica writer who is looking to have their piece reviewed, please get in touch.

I have started off this new section of my site with a collection of reviews for sexy toys provided by Erotic Toy Town, as well as corsets I have purchased from Corsets UK.

If you are interested in me reviewing your adult products, please get in touch with me by clicking the “Contact Me” link in the above menu, or by clicking here.

Ruby Goodnight Erotica eBook

If you missed the free run of Snow White and the Seven Fetishes around Valentine’s Day, you’ve just got lucky! In celebration of Eroticon 2012, I am offering up my debut erotica ebook for free for today only on Amazon.

When Snow White learns that her stepmother is trying to murder her, she finds a rather unique place to hide out – a fetish brothel. She earns her keep through fetish centered sessions with the seven men who run the brothel. Read as Snow White learns the skills needed for both a submissive slave and a powerful FemDom, and unlocks her kinky side in this bondage erotica.

Don’t have Kindle? No problem! You can download a reader for your computer directly from Amazon – for free as well!

Get your quick and dirty fetish fix with Snow White and the Seven Fetishes!

FemDom Dominatrix Blog

FemDom dominatrix blog postsFor a few months now, I have been writing a FemDom /  dominatrix blog for a third party. While I consider myself a submissive, I do have Switch tenancies, which come out when I write for this blog. The blog in itself is about a fictional dominatrix named Davina, her husband and sub who she calls ‘puppy’, and her new submissive who she is training named ‘kitten’. The webmasters want it quite stereotypical, which draws in the vanilla surfers that are their main target. While the majority of the blog is ‘scene’ replays, there are a few times where I get on my D/s soapbox.


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