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Last week I had the fortune to ‘sit down’ with two great ladies and talk about life, love and work! Molly Moore and Harper Eliot are the delicious duo who run the (It Girl. Rag Doll) Podcast. These vixens cover a number of adult topics in their sessions, including adult censorship, polyamory, sex toys, porn and so much more.

During my sit down with the pair, started off talking about the weather, then moving onto a brief history of how I got into the adult business. We chatted about topics such as my love for the Fifty Shades of Grey novels, porn nicknames, my upcoming immigration back to the United States, how beginners can get into the commercial writing world, and what I think people do wrong on Twitter accounts.

If you’ve ever been curious to hear my Boston-come-Derbyshire accent, this is your chance as I rarely do anything audio! Big thanks to Molly and Harper for inviting me onto their show – and I am looking forward to getting version 2.0 done at the 2015 Feminist Porn Conference!

Coming Up For Air

Lelo review

It’s been far too long since I’ve blogged – and Tweeted, for that matter. After Eroticon, I had a flood of work come in, and I’m just now catching my breath from about six weeks of madness. In there was a trip back to the States as well, to celebrate my birthday.

One of the down sides to no longer being a performer is that I don’t get gifts from ‘fans’ any more. I’ve now started getting gifts from employers, though! My longest standing contracts (who I don’t name on this blog, as they use my work as ‘their own’) posted me two lovely Lelo toys for my birthday! I was pleasantly surprised to open up a brown cardboard box which arrived at my address in the States to see these – a Lelo Ella Pleasure Object (in dark purple) and a Lelo Ono Cleo Massager (in red). You’ll have to parden the pic quality – it’s taken from my phone cam.

The silly thing is, getting toys like this helps me with my writing. For a while now, the majority of my work has been centered around sex toys, so I take the use of these vibrators and dildos are ‘research’. Now that I’m back in the socializing swing of things, I hope to hear from you on my Twitter account.

Thoughts on Eroticon 2012

I had an amazing time at Eroticon this weekend. It’s given me a much needed battery recharge and reaffirmed that what I do is valid, appreciated, and profitable. Rather than go into a long journaling session, I thought I’d list a few thoughts I had about my experiences at this erotica writer’s conference.

Keep going…I want more…

FemDom Dominatrix Blog

FemDom dominatrix blog postsFor a few months now, I have been writing a FemDom /  dominatrix blog for a third party. While I consider myself a submissive, I do have Switch tenancies, which come out when I write for this blog. The blog in itself is about a fictional dominatrix named Davina, her husband and sub who she calls ‘puppy’, and her new submissive who she is training named ‘kitten’. The webmasters want it quite stereotypical, which draws in the vanilla surfers that are their main target. While the majority of the blog is ‘scene’ replays, there are a few times where I get on my D/s soapbox.


Keep going…I want more…

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