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My Eroticon 2012 Meet & Greet Details

Ruby Goodnight adult writerAs part of the pre-Eroticon events, I’m taking part in the Meet and Greet blog posts for those who are going to be attending the first and only erotica writer’s conference here in the United Kingdom.

Name: Ruby Goodnight

Blog: Ruby Goodnight Writing

Twitter: @RubyGoodnight


Height: 5ft 3in

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Describe yourself in three words: Learner, Submissive, American 

What are you looking foward to at Eroticon? Networking with new people, learning more about the craft, meeting twitter ‘friends’, and possibly winning some swag!

What’s on your Lovehoney wishlist?  Lelo Insignia Soraya Luxury Dual-Action Waterproof Vibrator

What song would you add to the Eroticon playlist? Nobody Does It Better, by Carly Simon

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Eroticon 2012 Interviews Ruby Goodnight

Erotica Writers Conference Eroticon2012 Ruby GoodnightI’m pretty chuffed that I’ve been profiled on the Eroticon 2012 web site as a delegate. I know I’ve been going on and on about this upcoming collection of adult bloggers and erotica writers, but it’s an amazing, first-of-its-kind event for those of us in the UK who write this type of material.

The lovely lady who is running it, Ruby (great kinky minds think alike when it comes to pen names), is doing an unreal job of pulling together all the bits and bobs that go along with an adult workshop / erotica conference. I do take my hat off to her, and hope I get to meet her as well as the other erotica writers around the UK who will be in attendance.

Check out the interview with me, Ruby Goodnight, on Eroticon2012’s blog.


Excited for Eroticon2012

Eroticon 2012 Erotica WritersIn case you missed a previous post of mine, there’s a great convention happening in the UK called Eroticon 2012. It’s a place where sex bloggers and adult writers can get together, do a bit of networking, and take part in some amazing workshops. The £100 price tag may seem like a bit of a pocket hit, but it’s a lot less if you take into account that participants will be receiving a £50 voucher for LoveHoney. If you’re doing this as a business, like me, you can always take it off as a business expense!

I’m making a weekend of it, myself. I’ve bought my conference ticket, and just sorted out the train tickets to get me from my home in the High Peak to Bristol. I’m just waiting for another invoice to be paid off, then I’ll get my room at the Premier Inn taken care of too. I’m looking forward to meeting other erotica writers and putting some faces to the names that I’ve been reading for so long. I’ve had a look at the workshop offerings, and they’re just too good to choose from.

Gathering of Erotica Writers – Eroticon 2012

I was having a play on Twitter this morning (@RubyGoodnight, btw), and I came across a conference for erotica writers in the UK – Eroticon 2012. I had been looking for some kind of adult conference to go to for a while, but most of the social networking circles I run in center around the pornography side of the adult industry – not really a place for a writer like me. I’m quite excited about it. First payday in the new year will be going to paying for this 1 day erotica writer’s event!

Now, I just need to find a place to stay in Bristol that’s somewhat close to the venue, and sort out train times and whatnot. Maybe I’ll be able to find a few other cons like this in the new year.

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