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Fetish Authors Writing Without Experience?

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While at Eroticon this weekend, something came up that I think deserves a bit of a discussion. While watching a S&M demo, I looked around the room at the audience in attendance, and noticed that there were a few members who did not seem comfortable with the situation. After the demo was done, there was a brief discussion about what we (as the audience) just saw. One individual brought up what I had noticed. In turn,  Rubyyy Jones asked those in attendance who had never seen an actual session before.

A small number in attendance raised their hands. Rubyyy then asked those who had their hands in the air if they had ever written about BDSM before. The conversation kind of fizzled out from there, which was a shame, since it really could have expanded on the concept as a whole – do some fetish authors write without experiencing the activities they write about, and on a lesser note, does the reader ever notice the difference?

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Thoughts on Eroticon 2012

I had an amazing time at Eroticon this weekend. It’s given me a much needed battery recharge and reaffirmed that what I do is valid, appreciated, and profitable. Rather than go into a long journaling session, I thought I’d list a few thoughts I had about my experiences at this erotica writer’s conference.

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Ruby Goodnight Erotica eBook

If you missed the free run of Snow White and the Seven Fetishes around Valentine’s Day, you’ve just got lucky! In celebration of Eroticon 2012, I am offering up my debut erotica ebook for free for today only on Amazon.

When Snow White learns that her stepmother is trying to murder her, she finds a rather unique place to hide out – a fetish brothel. She earns her keep through fetish centered sessions with the seven men who run the brothel. Read as Snow White learns the skills needed for both a submissive slave and a powerful FemDom, and unlocks her kinky side in this bondage erotica.

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In a few hours, I’ll be heading off to Eroticon2012, the UK’s premier event for sex bloggers and erotica writers. I’ll be tweeting throughout the event (as well as the pre-event parties and post-event debauchery), and throwing up a few pics on TwitPic as well.

Stay tuned as well for a special something that I’m giving away the day of the conference.

In order to keep up with the events, make sure you are following me on twitter – @RubyGoodnight!

I hope that everyone attending has a great day, and I look forward to mingling and meeting up with new friends and connections.

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