Study Session was written for someone who had a fantasy about doing his professor. The student teacher sex story is a common one, but this story takes a bit of a twist. This tale of teacher erotica had been featured on Under The Covers, an erotic story site with a safer sex message, along with a few other heterosexual erotica pieces I created especially for them.

hetero erotica

Anthony had been up for the last three nights studying for his anatomy exam. This class had been a struggle all semester, and he felt like he was barely keeping his head above water. He pushed back his sandy blonde hair, and adjusted his black-rim glasses over his chiseled nose. He laughed to himself as he heard his suitemates heading out to the usual Thursday night bar hopping, very jealous of the fact they had finished their own exams already.

His instructor at Boston University had always said that he could come by her office at any time to get some additional tutoring, but he never took her up on the offer. She even went so far as to give him her cell phone number, telling him to text him “anytime”. He knew it was partially a come-on – well, mostly a come-on – but it was the point where he seriously considered it. This was the hardest class he had taken all semester, and he didn’t want to have his GPA end up in the gutter for the sake of being too stubborn to seek some extra help.

He pulled out his phone and flipped through the contacts. “Dr Adelade” came up on his phone, and he had his last internal debate. It was 11pm – would she even still be up? She was young enough, maybe mid to late 30s, so she might be out herself.  Anthony didn’t even know if she was married or had a partner. Would he wake them up if he called?

“Fuck it. Just call”, he thought to himself.

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