The gentlemen who use escort services don’t tend to have a way with words! I’ve been employed by a few companies to turn the short escort service testimonials they receive from their clients into longer, more fleshed out, keyword and reader friendly escort service testimonials. A skill that needs to be mastered with escort service testimonials, especially in locations where it is frowned upon, is giving enough detail about the encounter without going into explicit sex acts. Here is one example, with the name of the escort service site redacted.

I travel to New York a few times a month, and each time I do I hire the services of NY escorts to keep me company. I’ve used the same model at several times, but I was sorry to hear that she was no longer working by the receptionist who books the appointments. She suggested another model that had similar features to my former favorite, and so I booked some time with Desiree. I was not disappointed in the least! It’s not every day that escorts New York City look as good as this.

I met with Desiree at my usual hotel and we had a lovely dinner together. It was so nice to look across the table at a gorgeous NY escort, knowing that she was my companion for the evening. Desiree’s long brown hair framed her light brown eyes quite beautifully, and her tight dress revealed her 32B breasts quite nicely. Her stimulating conversation was just loud enough for me to hear, but discreet enough to be overheard by those sitting at nearby tables. By the time the meal was done, I was ready to take the evening to the next level.

My plan for the remainder of the evening was fast and simple. I had to catch an early flight, so I wasn’t up for an entire evening’s activities. She took off her top and skirt, and stayed in a well-sitting push up bra, thong panties, garter belt, thigh high stockings, and high heeled shoes. She knelt in front of me and unbuckled by belt with the speed of a horny teenager. Desiree’s mouth was pure pleasure. Her full lips, her slick tongue, and her rosy cheeks were simply wonderful to look down on as she made my evening. I leaned back, closed my eyes, and took it all in. I ran my fingers through the soft head of hair in front of me, and kept her as the night moved on. Of the escorts New York City that I had been with before, Desiree was one of the most memorable.

She made long work out of the early evening’s events, and by the time I was ready to finish, I had a fist full of her hair and grunts of pleasure coming out of my mouth. She smiled up at me when she was done, with the grin of a Cheshire cat.  She rose from her position on the floor, adjusted her bra, and set off to the bathroom to clean herself up. We ended the night with a brief conversation, and I walked her down to the lobby as midnight struck.

At first I was a bit anxious about moving on from my regular NY escort, but made an excellent choice when advising me that Desiree would satisfy my needs that evening. While I think that maybe expanding my escort horizons through hiring different models each time I am in the city, I think I will stick with my little Desiree for a while.