I often get asked to create pieces centered around events in the adult entertainment industry. News items involving adult stars are as widely clicked as the adult star’s images and videos. Adult entertainment news writers need to have a certain ‘in’ to the industry – which I have. Here’s an adult entertainment news piece I wrote following Sasha Grey’s involvement with Read Across America, and the subsequent release of ‘Anal Artists’.

Sasha Grey can’t seem to get a break when it comes to her involvement with childhood education. You may remember back in November when a controversy arose due to her involvement with the Read Across America program. Like many other Hollywood stars, Sasha donated her time to read to 1st graders at Emerson Elementary School in Compton, California. A major fuss was raised when a few parents got wind that this former adult movie star was in their children’s classroom. The school denied that Sasha was even on school grounds, up until pictures emerged showing her reading to the attentive students. Unfortunately, the school dropped the program, “because of one lone disgruntled fan who harassed my parents, the school district, the media and me, for my involvement in such an important program”, according to Sasha.

The latest news involves an adult movie company named Assence Films, who have added to the education-related controversy. While Sasha has been retired from the adult industry for almost a year, Assence have released a new movie using previously released scenes of Miss Grey at work. Alongside this movie, entitled ‘Anal Artists’, Assence announced that they were donating part of the proceeds to National Education Association, a teacher’s union. Sasha has said that she is not involved with this project, and that they are merely hoping to jump on the hype created during her last venture into children’s education – and it looks like that’s just what has happened.

NEA has refused the funding, saying in a statement to the Huffington Post, “Sasha Grey is not affiliated with the National Education Association’s Read Across America program nor has she been invited or endorsed by NEA to read at any of the association’s Read Across America Day events, and NEA will not accept any proceeds from her latest, or any of her films.”

Sasha is understandably angry, saying “the fact that people are now misled to believe I’m personally selling this movie with salacious marketing, or the fact that the [National Education Association] won’t take donations from this pathetic company. There’s little money for education in this beautiful country, and as a pro-education advocate, it’s heartbreaking to hear this.”

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